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        1. Children's safety seats need legislation channels

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          According to the statistics of China Road Traffic Safety Association, China has 264 million vehicles, of which 154 million are vehicles, ranking second in the world. However, contrary to the huge car ownership, the prevalence of child safety seats in China is only 3%, far lower than the European countries 90% of the prevalence. For this reason, eight places, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shandong and Hefei, have broken the ice one after another. In order to protect children's traffic safety, legislation has been carried out, and the compulsory use of child safety seats has been written into local regulations.




          More compulsory use of child safety seats will be written into local regulations, aimed at improving people's awareness of traffic safety, so that children away from traffic injuries. At the same time, driven by local regulations, China's child safety seat market will usher in an unprecedented spring of development.


          Consumer cognitive error is the main reason for the low penetration rate of child safety seats. The child seat is also called the child restraint system. When an emergency brake or accidental collision occurs, the child seat can reduce the potential damage by more than 70% and minimize the damage to children. Children's safety seats are so important for children's safety. Why is the use rate of children's safety seats only 3% in China?


          The main reason why the usage rate of child safety seats in China is so low is that consumers have misunderstood it. For example, many parents in China believe that it is safest to hold their children in their arms. On the one hand, they think this is a manifestation of affection. On the other hand, they think it's okay to hold the child firmly when an accident happens, without having to prepare a child's seat.


          When a car suddenly brakes suddenly at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, a baby weighing 5.5 kilograms produces 110 kilograms of impact. Even if adults react quickly in an accident, the human skeleton can not withstand the tremendous momentary impact of itself and the child, the child will fly out of the arms of adults like a bullet, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Therefore, appeals to the broad masses of consumers to establish the correct safety awareness, for children to prepare a child safety seat, to protect their travel safety.


          With eight cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shandong and Hefei breaking the ice to legislate for the protection of children's traffic safety, domestic consumers have further improved their understanding of children's safety seats and realized the importance and necessity.


          More compulsory use of child safety seats will be written into local laws and regulations, making the domestic consumer ride safety awareness strengthened, but also aroused their concern and attention to child safety seats. Many parents said they would prepare a child safety seat for their children to keep them away from accidents. Meanwhile, mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be will collect information about child safety seats and come to the official flagship stores to consult customer service about them and prepare child safety seats for babies who are about to be born.


          In recent years, the safety of children riding has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. China is expected to introduce national laws and regulations on the compulsory use of child safety seats in the next two years. Small Sun will continue to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations as a leading global brand, adhere to stringent research and development and production standards, for each family to create quality, exquisite craftsmanship of child safety seats, escort for children's safety!

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