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        1. The capital of China's electric children's cars

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          The China Toy and Infant Supplies Association recently re-evaluated the title of "China Child Car Production Base" in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province. At the same time, the China Toy and Infant Industry Association also awarded Pinghu the honorary title of "China's Electric Child Car Capital", which is another heavyweight honor after "China's Famous City of Clothing Export Manufacturing" and "China's Travel Bag Capital".




          It is understood that children's car is one of the five traditional characteristics of Pinghu City, started in 1981, after decades of development, has formed more than ten series of electric children's car, baby's walker, two-wheeled bicycle, tricycle, Walker and so on, hundreds of varieties, annual output of tens of millions of vehicles, especially the production of electric children's car. It ranks in the forefront of the same industry in China, up to 80% or so, and has emerged famous brands such as "Happy", "Bereja" and "Sony" etc. It is reported that there are 73 car manufacturers in Pinghu, more than 150 supporting enterprises, covering hardware, electronics, injection molding, spray molding, packaging and other industries, with a complete industrial chain. Products exported to Europe, North America, Asia and other more than 100 countries and regions. Last year, the 18 family regulation implemented the production value of 1 billion 450 million yuan for baby stroller enterprises and 116 million yuan for self operated export.


          Although the output value of the children's car industry is not much compared with other traditional industries, Pinghu's electric children's car industry ranks first in the country in terms of variety and scale. "This time the China Toy and Infant Supplies Association, while reviewing the"China Child Car Production Base", awarded us the honor of"China Electric Child Car Capital", which is the greatest affirmation of the development of Pinghu Child Car in recent years."Said qi jinliang, secretary general of pinghu children's car industry association. 


          How will it affect the development of Pinghu's children's car industry from "China's production base of children's cars" to "China's city of electric children's cars"? Qi Jinliang told reporters that Pinghu children's car is currently taking the export and domestic sales of "two legs" walking strategy. The honor of "China Electric Child Car Capital" is a gold-lettered signboard. In the future, Pinghu Child Car Enterprises can proudly introduce their products to foreign businessmen in the foreign trade negotiations. The products are produced from "China Electric Child Car Capital" with reliable quality and quality. As far as domestic sales are concerned, Pinghu is the capital of electric children's cars in China, which helps to further expand the popularity of Pinghu electric children's cars in China and open up the domestic market.


          Lu Zhong, general manager of Zhejiang Dongma Children's Car Co., Ltd. was particularly pleased when he learned that Pinghu had won the honor of "China's Electric Children's Car Capital". He told reporters that the company had recently successfully listed on the "New Third Board". "China's Electric Children's Car Capital" will add a powerful weight to the future development of the enterprise. The Dongma Children's Car has planned to be printed on the outer packaging of the electric children's car that will be manufactured in the future with the words "China's Electric Children's Car Capital, Dongma Products".


          As the traditional special advantage industries of pinghu, pinghu has invited domestic famous economy in recent years, scholars and industry authority buggies to pinghu, through BBS, lectures, seminars and other forms, clear up the thoughts for the development of pinghu industrial buggies. In the 13th five-year plan, pinghu also included the development of the buggy industry in the 13th five-year plan. So far this year, the city regulates the production of children's car companies. 600 million yuan, up 3 percent year on year. 7%. "Next, we will take the opportunity of" China electric children's car "as an opportunity to improve the market visibility and competitiveness of pinghu electric children's car." "Qi said.

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