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        1. Buy the children's car to see the 3C logo.

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          As the weather gets warmer, many parents will push the buggies out on good weather to "walk the baby". However, the quality of children's cars is uneven, and parents need to pay attention when shopping. The website of guangdong quality and technical supervision bureau released the results of "double random" supervision. Among the 50 batches of children's products produced by the 47 enterprises that were randomly selected in the province, six batches of products produced by six enterprises were found to be unqualified and the detection rate of unqualified products was 12%.


          The reporter understands, this 47 production enterprises is selectived examination (50 batches) including 11 medium-sized businesses (13 batches), small businesses, 36 batches (37), medium and small enterprises accounted for the proportion of enterprise is selectived examination were 23.4%, 76.6% respectively. The unqualified products produced by the sampling inspection are all small enterprises.


          In the end, there are some people in the industry who can choose to buy the children's car, and the CCC compulsory certification mark on the product packaging or logo can be used when purchasing. In addition, as far as possible to choose a single child car, the best "special car".


          Specifically, in the choose and buy when buggies to the appearance of the baby carrier, handlebar, parts, seat belt to view, at the same time to the wheel brake, opening and closing and locking devices and testing, to ensure the smooth flat on the ground when he was walking straight line, the wheels don't deviate from the course, figure 8 forward flexible rotation.

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