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          1. One child carriage salesman with a bill of ladies. (For women, CET-4 or above is required, but also for fresh graduates.)
          2. Open-line workers 2 (male and female, 20-45 years old)
          3. Two switch operators (male and female, 20-45 years old, working experience is preferred)
          Wage treatment: The company adopts piecework and time system, more work and more pay, salary (more than 4000 yuan).
          Those with similar work experience are preferred!
          Interested parties come to register! (I need to carry my ID card)
          Address: No. 18 Jinhui Road, Xincang Town Industrial Park, Pinghu City
          Contact person: Miss Zhu
          Contact: 8582 1971/13758355032
          Government Network: 216881/521971/230032

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