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          Pinghu Little Sun Childs Vehicles CO.,LTD.

          Add:No.8,Jinhui Road, Xincang Town, Pinghu City





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          Our management policy is: to be fine, to be strong, to be large


          Our goal is: to create a world-class electric car manufacturer


          Our core philosophy is:


          The concept of survival: only the right way can survive
          Development philosophy: sacrifice ego, complete me
          The idea of competition: to surpass oneself, to do not fight and to bend people
          Sales philosophy: selling everything for love
          Service philosophy: customer-centric, service with love
          Brand concept: brand creates value, value makes wealth
          The idea of wealth: money is a thing outside,growth is the first wealth of life
          Work philosophy: to practice the simple method to the extreme is the unique skill
          How to be a person: the money is enough to gather people, the measure is wide enough to get people;
          The body is sufficient to make a man
          Employing philosophy: position first, ability second
          Organizational philosophy: make the platform and achieve yourself
          Achievement idea: ordinary people pursue the goal, the outstanding person exceed the target, the outstanding person creates the miracle



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